soultone cymbals

Ron Allen

Soultone Artist Ron Allen teamed up with NYC Guitarist Mordy Ferber and Bassist Anthony Crawford to perform "Wait Till You Get Your Supply"

Cymbal set-up:
14" Vintage Flat Top Hi Hats
18" Vintage Old School Patina Crash
19" Vintage Old School 1964 Crash
Stack of 20" Custom Brilliant RA FXO 12 on top of 20" Extreme Flat Ride
21" Vintage Flat Ride
22" FXO 6

Compostions written by Mordy Ferber
Published by -Ferber Music BMI-
Get Mordy ferber's new CD on iTunes and Abstractlogix:

Diego xtxxy Camaño

Video realizado para las marcas SOLIDRUMS , SOULTONE Y DT MUSIC
en estudios AWL estudio en conjunto con LMD estudio.
Tema de Ravensoul creed / Every Dawn

Mauricio Zottarelli

Mauricio Zottarelli in the studio, playing an alternate version of his song - No Standing Zone. This song is featured on MZs recording, 7 LIVES, available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc....
Mauricio uses and endorses: Soultone Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Lexicon acheter cialis en ligne Pro Audio, Mono Cases, FSA Cajons.

The Group:

Oriente Lopez - piano
Rodrigo Ursaia - sax
Gustavo Assis Brasil - guitar
Itaiguara Brandão - bass

Veronica Bellino

Cymbal set up:
14" Sunburst prototype hats, 15" Vintage crash, 8" Custom Brilliant splash, 13" FXO/12" china stack, 17" Custom Brilliant crash, 21" Custom brilliant ride, 16" China FXO

Mark Allee

Mark allee, drummer for Starving for Gravity playing their track "Five by Five"

cymbal set up:
15" Custom Brilliants hats w/2holes on bottom hat, 17" Custom Brilliant Crash, 18" Prototype Crash , 22" Prototype Ride, 19" custom Brilliant Crash, 21" Prototype China.

Northon Vanalli

Northon Vanalli visits Soultone Studio and checking out the cymbals.

Cymbal set up:
14" Custom Brilliant RA hats, 21" Custom Brilliant RA, crash/ride, 8" Gospel Splash, 10" Prototype splash, 18" Custom Brilliant crash, 22" Custom Ride, 21" Natural flat ride, 19" Custom crash.

Tom Asvold

om Asvold playing to his band's track "Neon Sky"
Check out Polarization on:

cymbal set up:
15" Extreme Hats, 19" FXO 12, 22" Custom Brilliant RA Ride, 18" Custom crash, 18" Gospel China.

Luke Flowers

Luke's second solo.
Cymbal set-up:
14" Vintage hats, 20" Custom Crash, 20" Vintage Old School ride, 19" Custom Crash

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