rock drummer

Diego xtxxy Camaño

Video realizado para las marcas SOLIDRUMS , SOULTONE Y DT MUSIC
en estudios AWL estudio en conjunto con LMD estudio.
Tema de Ravensoul creed / Every Dawn

Veronica Bellino

Cymbal set up:
14" Sunburst prototype hats, 15" Vintage crash, 8" Custom Brilliant splash, 13" FXO/12" china stack, 17" Custom Brilliant crash, 21" Custom brilliant ride, 16" China FXO

Mark Allee

Mark allee, drummer for Starving for Gravity playing their track "Five by Five"

cymbal set up:
15" Custom Brilliants hats w/2holes on bottom hat, 17" Custom Brilliant Crash, 18" Prototype Crash , 22" Prototype Ride, 19" custom Brilliant Crash, 21" Prototype China.

Tom Asvold

om Asvold playing to his band's track "Neon Sky"
Check out Polarization on:

cymbal set up:
15" Extreme Hats, 19" FXO 12, 22" Custom Brilliant RA Ride, 18" Custom crash, 18" Gospel China.

Alexey Poblete

Our youngest drummer, 7 years old, Alexey Poblete playing "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.
Check her out! she is killin' it!!!

Alexey's cymbal setup:
13" Custom Brilliant Hats, 14" Custom Brilliant Crash, 12" Vintage China, 18"
Vintage Old School Crash /Ride

Steve “NCIS” Harlall

Steve en session studio à Nancy, pour l'enregistrement du titre "The Cell".


Sound engineer : Chris Edrich

Roman Vicha

This song is Supersonic Girl from new album "Outlet People" from my pop band TOXIQUE.

Cymbals set is:
HI HAT-14" Vintage, CRASH 18" Vintage, 16" Custome, 15" Gospel, RIDE -21" Vintage Old School Patina, trash hats - FXO 12 17" and FXO 12J 17"

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