keyboard solo

Sammy Balfour

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man (Revised intro) performed by:
Sammy "PunKy" Balfour -Drums, Mahesh Balasooriya -Keys, David "Preach" Balfour -Keys, Zane Musa -Horn, Dale Black Jr. -Upright Bass

Ron Allen

Check out the Vintage Old School cymbals used by Ron Allen with Eric King on keys and Andre Brown on bass.

cymbals set up:
14" Hats, 18" Crash/Ride, 19" Flat Ride w/rivets, 22" crash/Ride, 22" Crash/Ride + 16" Crash on top.
The stack is 14" Gospel China w/15" FXO B6 on top + 8" inverted splash w/jingles and rivets.

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