gospel chops

Ron Allen

Ron Allen, Randell "Manmann" Amie and Anthony Crawford in our studio.

Ron's set up:
13" Custom Hats, 19" Custom Crash, 15" FXO 6 /14" Gospel China stack, 21" Vintage Ride, 18" Custom Crash

Randell's set up:
14" Custom Brilliant Hats, 17" Extreme Crash, 10" / 7" Custom Brilliant Splash stack, 14" M-Series China, 20" Vintage Ride, 17" FXO 12

Antuan Walker

Antuan cymbals set up:
13" Custom Brilliant Hats, 17" M-series crash, 6" Gospel Splash, 12" Gospel Splash, 12" Gospel China, 21" Extreme Ride

Jorel "J Fly" Flynn

JFly from Atlanta, GA visits Soultone Headquarters in Encino, CA. Check it out!
J-Fly uses Custom Hats, Custom Crashes and Splashes, FXO5 Splash, 22" Natural Ride and 19" FXO 6B3

Sammy Balfour

Punky is jamming on the DC club kit short stuck toms with 13x6 hammered brass snare.
Cymbal set up: 15" Tato Hats, 16" Tato Crash, 22" Natural Ride

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