drum groove

Brook Alexander

Brook's cymbal set up:
13" Custom Brilliant Hats, 15" Custom Crash, 17" Custom Brilliant Crash, 8" Custom Brilliant Splash, 20" Custom Brilliant Ride, 18" FXO 6B3

Ron Allen

Check out the Vintage Old School cymbals used by Ron Allen with Eric King on keys and Andre Brown on bass.

cymbals set up:
14" Hats, 18" Crash/Ride, 19" Flat Ride w/rivets, 22" crash/Ride, 22" Crash/Ride + 16" Crash on top.
The stack is 14" Gospel China w/15" FXO B6 on top + 8" inverted splash w/jingles and rivets.

Luke Flowers

Luke is laying some grooves.

cymbal set up:
14" Vintage Old School hat, 20" Vintage Ride, 21" Vintage Ride, 19" Prototype Crash

John ‘JC’ Caputo

John Caputo, our first endorser from Australia visits our studio.
cymbal set up:
17" FXO 12, 14" Gospel Hi Hats, 19" Custom Crash,11" Gospel Splash, 12" Gospel Splash, 20" Gospel Ride, 17" Custom Brilliant Crash, 18" Gospel Crash

Monica Carter

MZ Drummer - Monica Carter at our booth, NAMM 2010. checking out the cymbals and jam a bit with Eddie Heyward.

Michael Taylor

Michael's set up:
14" custom Brilliant hats, 18" Gospel Crash, 21" Natural Ride, 17" Custom Crash and 18" FXO China.

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