Soultone Featured Videos

Jimmy Ford

Jimmy Ford, A Soultone artist and the founder of Ford Drums. Playing his jazz set up.
14" hats,
16" and 18" Vintage Crashes,
20" Vintage Flat Ride,
16" FXO 6

Paloma Estevez

Paloma Estevez is using the Custom Brilliant Series along with 10" FXO 5, 14" FXO 6, 18" FXO 12 J and 18" FXO 6 China.

Sammy Balfour

Punky is jamming on the DC club kit short stuck toms with 13x6 hammered brass snare.
Cymbal set up: 15" Tato Hats, 16" Tato Crash, 22" Natural Ride

Jorel "J Fly" Flynn

JFly from Atlanta, GA visits Soultone Headquarters in Encino, CA. Check it out!
J-Fly uses Custom Hats, Custom Crashes and Splashes, FXO5 Splash, 22" Natural Ride and 19" FXO 6B3

Iajhi Hampden

Iajhi is checking out the new Vintage Old School prototype crash/rides