Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore is a drummer, percussionist and producer from the South Side of

Chicago. When asked how long she has been playing the drums, she is quick to answer, “Since I was in utero.”

Even before she was born, Taylor would “beat” to the rhythm inside of her mother when there was music in the air. As a toddler, she had a favorite pot that she would “play.”

While in kindergarten, she entered an Afro-centric after school program that offered the rhythms that had always been a part of her. As the only female in the African drum corps, Mandinjalia, Taylor played the djembe with such passion and skill, she was always a

standout during group performances.

Taylor Moore drum solo and interview

Taylor's set up:
14" Custom Hats with 8" Custom splash w/rivets and jingles, 16" and 18" Extreme crashes, 20" Extreme ride, 14" FXO 5, 16" Gospel china.

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