Ron Allen

Ronald Levell Allen, Jr., begin his music career while yet in his Mother's womb, a faithful member of the Los Angeles Gospel Messengers under the leadership of the late Rev. James Cleveland. From conception until just four weeks before his birth, Ron began his training in gospel music from the weekly rehearsals and concerts of the Messengers.

Before Ron could walk, he would pull himself up from the floor, listen to the rhythm of the music and try to mimic the beats with his mouth. As soon as he could walk, he began to make his way over to the piano stool where Rev. Cleveland played and eventually made his way to the drums...

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Ron Allen and Nick Smith

Ron's set up:
Natural prototype - 14" Hats, 17" Crash, 20" Crash/Ride, 8" Hats and 18" FXO with 10" Custom china stack.

Nick's set up:
Vintage Old School - 16" Hats, 16" crash, 20" Crash/Ride, 19" Crash and 9" prototype splash.