Paul Goldberg

Paul originally started natuarally playing the drum set to "The Beatles" & "The Rolling Stones", and Motown records at age eight. He first studied drumming by reading snare drum and drumset, at age nine, w/ South Jersey Jazz great "Don Hirsh" for four years. By eighth grade (age thirteen), he was studying with award winning drumline monster "Doug Laughlin." Doug turned Paul onto "Inner Mounting Flame", "Birds of Fire", and "From Nothingness to Eternity" by "The Mahavishnu Orchestra", which featured Billy Cobham. "Tony Williams w/ Miles Davis", & "The Tony Williams Lifetime". "Elvin Jones w/ John Coltrane", & Elvin's solo stuff. "John Bonham w/ Led Zeppelin". Paul was inspired to really play. So, Paul went with his great dad Carl, and his new teacher Doug Laughlin to "The Professional Percussion Center" in NYC. (Elvin Jones was actually there at the shop "hangin' out," "feelin' no pain" ... trust me!) I shook Elvin's hand, and said to him ..."I'm gettin' a Gretsch Kit today". Elvin said "Yeah!, AHHHH!. (What a rush that was for me.) I was gettin' my first "REAL" drumset ... A blonde maple GRETSCH KIT (like Tony & Elvin had.) I picked that out because it was what Doug recommended.

Paul Goldberg and his band

Guitar - Craig Sharmat
Saxophone - Chris Mostert
Keys - John Balbuena
Bass - David Chamberlayn

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Paul Goldberg Drum Solo

Paul Goldberg Cymbal set up:
15" Vintage Old School Hats, 17" Custom Crash, 17" FXO 6, 20" Custom Crash, 22" Vintage Old School Ride, 18" FXO 6, 18" Custom Crash

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