Michael Giammattei

Michael Giammattei also known amongst the CT music community as Mikey G, has dedicated his life to the pursuit of making music not only as a career, but also as a way of life. He's had a love of music since he was a youngster, especially gravitating towards anything percussive. This love led him to his instrument of choice, and his drumming journey began while in 5th grade of the CT school system. However, it wasn't until Middle School that he first began to experiment on the drum set.

This Time Down - Getting Through

Cymbal set up:
15" Extreme Hats, 22" Extreme buy-trusted-tablets.com Ride, 17"+19" Gospel Crashes, 18" FXO 6B3

Forgotten by Friday - Superman

Cymbal set up:
15" Extreme Hats, 22" viagra online uk next day delivery Extreme Ride, 17"+19" Gospel Crashes, 10" Gospel Splash