Hugo Soares

Drummer, Percussionist and Producer Hugo was born in Brazil, in June 1989.
By the age of two, he started to get into music.
He had crafted his own instrument by the age of nine.
After years of private studies, Hugo began music studies at "Pro Music", in Belo Horizonte, where he studied with André Campagnani, Mário Castelo and many others.
On December 2005, Hugo moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, where he graduated from "Los Angeles Music Academy". Getting studies with Mike Shapiro, Ralph Humphrey, Tony Inzalaco, Joe Porcaro, Dave Beyer, Michael Packer, Matt Starr and many other world renowned musicians.


Hugo is playing to a track he wrote.

Hugo's cymbal setup:
13" Prototype hats, 10" Custom Splash, 17" + 18" Prototype Crash, 19" Vintage Old School flat ride w/rivets, 21" Natural ride, 14" Extreme china + 15" FXO B6 Stack + 8" splash with rivets and jingles.

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Hugo Soares drum lesson

Hugo shares his technique method and how to apply it on samba rhythm.

Hugo's cymbal set up:
13" Prototype Hats, 10" Custom Splash, 17" Custom Crash, 19" Vintage Old School Flat Ride w/rivets, 17" + 18" Prototype Crashes, 21" Natural Ride, Stack of 14" Extreme China with 15" FXO B6 + 8" splash w/rivets & jingles