Guerin "GSmoove" Williams

Guerin Williams was born on March 31, 1987, to Jerome and Mirranda Williams in Austin, Texas. When he was two years old, His family moved to Ft. Worth, Texas, where his father took a position with the Air Force Reserves at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Carswell.
It was in Ft. Worth that Guerin’s musical journey began; he and his extended family were very close which meant many family gatherings and any excuse to get together and chill. There was always good music playing at EVERY family gathering! So, from a young age, the music from bands like Earth Wind and Fire, the Commodores, Brick, Al Green, the Ohio Players, Prince, Frankie Beverly and Maze, the Gap Band, Cameo, Michael Jackson (RIP), and far too many others to acheter viagra name, was always playing. Guerin didn’t just hear music, he actually listened to the music.

Will Smith - "Nod Your Head"

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