Eddie L. Grant Jr.

Eddie Grant Jr. was born on March 30th,1991 and he is a musician from a city famous for it’s drummers like, Chick Webb,Chester Thompson, Larry Bright and Dennis Chambers. That city that Eddie was born in is known as Baltimore,MD . At a young age he would always have an ear for music through clapping his hands to the music he would hear on the radio because music was constantly in his home.

As I Am - Close My Eyes - Live at Soultone Cymbals Studio

As I Am performing live at Soultone Studios!
Mendi Baron - Vocals, Guitar, Steven Milinovich - Guitar, Eddie Grant - Drums, Owen Brinser - Bass

Eddie's cymbal set up:
14" Vintage Old School Hats, 14" + 17" Prototype Crash, 10" Prototype Splash, 21" Vintage Old School Ride, 19" FXO 6, 18" FXO China


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