Andrea Maccagni

Andrea was born in Piacenza on December 17, 1993.
he studied the drums for 7 years before moving to the acoustic drum under the guidance of his brother Nicola Maccagni and father Giuseppe Maccagni either musicians.
once worked as a drummer with various rock band playing in various clubs and pub of Piacenza and Cremona, different genres including rock, hard rock, pop and funky.

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Adriano Raspo - The groovebrothers

Video della canzone "The groovebrothers"

Adriano Raspo - Bass
Andrea Maccagni - Drums
Cristiano Scaravaglio - Guitar

White bugs - Speed Limit

White Bugs suonano Speed Limit (A. Raspo)

Adriano Raspo acheter viagra - bass
Luca Marchesin - guitar
Andrea Maccagni - drum

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